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'Golden Hour Trees'


As my work continues to move in a direction of colour and vibrancy I have grown more inspired by the golden hour. The last hour leading to sunset exponentially increases the intense warm colours that wash across a landscape. I love how this effect amplifies the rich greens and yellows through the trees and fields, giving a strong sense of the fleeting sun behind.


W: 602mm
H: 203mm
D: 23mm


- This piece is an original unframed oil painting on high quality stretched cotton canvas.
- Dated (Mn/Yr) and signed on the front.
- Titled, dated and signed in full on the back.
- All paintings are carefully packaged in a handmade and durable parcel.
- Purchasers buying internationally will be responsible for any import taxes, customs duties or fees imposed by your destination country.


If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!


Thank you, 

Golden Hour Trees

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