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‘Tower Bridge Evening Light’


Painted en plain air, this piece looks to capture the soft light but rich colours of Tower Bridge in the early afternoon. I thought the soft blues in the shadow of the bridge contrasted beautifully against the pale greys of the distant landscape.


H: 305mm
W: 406mm
D: 4mm


- This piece is an original unframed oil painting on high quality canvas board. 
- This surface is very easy and convenient for immediate framing and hanging as at 4mm deep the boards fit into regular picture frames. 
- Dated (Mn/Yr) and signed on the front.
- Titled, dated and signed in full on the back.
- All paintings are carefully packaged in a handmade, durable parcel and dispatched within a couple days.
- As a purchaser buying internationally, you will be responsible for any impor